Berber Carpet At Floor Coverings International In Pittsburgh, PA

Looking for a carpet that can stand up to life’s challenges and add style to your home at the same time? Look no further than Berber carpeting. Berber carpets do it all – whether you’re interested in boosting the interior design in your space with a new addition or reducing your worries about carpet maintenance and upkeep, Berber carpets are up to the job. At Floor Coverings International Pittsburgh South, we provide a broad range of Berber carpets for the Pittsburgh area.

The Berber Carpet Basics

Berber carpets draw their name from the Berber people of North Africa. Traditionally, Berber carpets were light in color, with flecks of darker coloring throughout. Today’s Berber options are available both in traditional hues and also in a variety of solid coloring options.

Another distinction that makes Berber carpeting unique is its knotted loop pattern. While all carpeting begins in a loop pile form, many carpets’ loop pile is then cut in the manufacturing process. Since Berber carpets don’t require this extra step, homeowners reap the benefits in a lower purchasing price.

Berber Carpeting Pros And Cons

Homeowners who opt for Berber carpeting will enjoy a number of benefits. As mentioned above, Berber’s loop pile construction results in lower manufacturing costs and a lower purchasing price for the consumer. That same loop pile also makes Berber an incredibly durable carpeting option. Spills and dirt are more likely to get caught on Berber carpeting’s loops and rest on the surface of the carpet, unlike in cut pile carpet constructions, where spills can sink from the surface of the carpet down to the carpet’s pad.

The biggest downside of Berber carpeting applies to pet owners. While Berber carpeting loops provide a host of benefits, those loops are incredibly attractive to cats as a makeshift scratching post. Even dogs’ nails can be unintentionally caught in Berber’s loops as well and result in damage to your carpeting. For homes without pets, though, Berber carpeting is an attractive, affordable, option that will serve your home well for years to come.

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