Frieze Carpet Flooring At Floor Covering International In Pittsburgh, PA

When deciding on a carpet style for your Pittsburgh home, there are many factors you should take into consideration before making your final purchase. Will the room of installation have outdoor access? Does the area receive high traffic? How much maintenance are you willing to perform? Your answers to these questions will help your design associate guide you through the carpet buying process. One very popular carpet style is frieze carpet. It’s lovely yet practical and has many other appealing qualities.

Frieze Characteristics

You may be familiar with frieze carpet flooring. It is often referred to as the new and improved version of shag carpeting. Although they are not the same, the two styles have similarities. Shag carpet fibers are generally longer and more loosely twisted. This gives it the extreme softness it’s known for. Frieze on the other hand has tightly twisted fibers that curl over at the top and are not quite as long as shag carpet fibers. The tight twists of frieze make it a very durable carpet that can withstand heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear. The curling of the fibers makes frieze capable of hiding dirt and imperfections in the carpet, which results in low-maintenance flooring.

Carpet Construction

You can find versions of frieze carpets made from a number of different materials. Nylon, acrylic, and wool are three of the most common. Frieze is a cut pile style carpet, which means the fibers are threaded and looped through the carpet’s firm backing and then cut to be the same length. In addition to the tight twists, some frieze varieties have multi-colored flecks mixed into the fibers that aid in hiding dirt and dust. Unlike other carpet styles, frieze does not come in complex pattern designs because of its thick pile. Another great thing about frieze carpeting is its trackless quality. That means vacuum tracks, footprints, and other marks don’t show up as easily as they do on other cut pile varieties.

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