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If you’re looking to complete a home improvement project but aren’t able to commit to an in-depth or lengthy renovation, there are options available to you. There are numerous projects that are the relatively low effort that can still have a big impact on your Apple Valley home. One such project is installing stair carpeting. Also known as a stair runner, stair carpeting has many great benefits. Read on to learn more.

Safety Benefits

One great thing about a stair runner is it can provide added safety features to your home. Stairs are one of the more dangerous areas of a home just by their nature. If your stairs are covered with a hard surface material, such as hardwood or tile, they’re even more dangerous because of the slick surface and hard feel. You’re more prone to slipping and falling on these surfaces than you would be on carpet. Additionally, in the event of a fall, the carpet provides a softer landing, which can ultimately prevent more serious injury. These safety features are especially important in homes with elderly residents or young children.

Sound Dampening

Another benefit of stair carpeting, one that is often overlooked, is its sound dampening qualities. Unlike hard surface materials, like hardwood and tile, carpet absorbs sound rather than letting it bounce and echo. Footsteps going up and down stairs can cause a lot of unwanted noise throughout the house. Installing a carpet runner can go a long way in reducing that noise, which can create an overall more peaceful home environment.

Visual Impact

In addition to the more practical qualities stair carpeting can add, let’s not forget about the aesthetic benefits. Just like regular carpet flooring you’d choose to cover a whole room or area of your home, there are many different style options available for stair runners. Some homeowners opt for a neutral, solid color to blend in with their other décor, while others take the opportunity to use a stair runner as an accent element. Patterned carpet is a common choice for stair runners, as it is less of a commitment than installing it in a whole room.

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