Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing At Floor Coverings International In Pittsburgh, PA

There’s a reason hardwood is still the most popular type of flooring. It’s attractive, highly versatile, and can do wonders for a home’s resale value.

It does have to be properly maintained, however. Wood is an organic material, so it’s vulnerable to damage from water and regular wear and tear. If you want your hardwood floors to regain their original elegance, Floor Coverings International can make them look as good as new with hardwood refinishing.

What Is Hardwood Refinishing?

The hardwood that’s installed in your home isn’t raw. It needs to be finished. Sometimes hardwood floors are prefinished in a factory, while others are finished after the home installation has been completed. The finishing protects the floors from damage, but it doesn’t last forever.

To return your floors to their original glory, Floor Coverings International will screen or buff the floors to remove the old finish, allowing us to refinish the floors.  Not only will refinishing the floors make them look good as new, but it provides us with an opportunity to address any damage such as dents or deep scratches which can be sanded away.

Benefits Of Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

If you haven’t had your flooring refinished in a while, here are a few good reasons to do so:

  • Attractiveness —  Refinishing brings out the best in your floors.
  • Save Money — You’ll get more years out of your current floors, saving you on installing new ones.
  • Safety — Old, poorly finished floors are more likely to splinter.
  • Protection from Pests — Unfinished hardwood is vulnerable to pests that can thrive in dents and cracks.

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