White Oak Hardwood Flooring At Floor Coverings International In Pittsburgh, PA

Oak is a favorite hardwood flooring option for homes in the Pittsburgh area due to its beauty, toughness, and wide availability. The two options available when selecting oak flooring are red oak and white oak. While similar, there are distinct differences between these two species that are important to take into consideration when choosing oak flooring for your home.


Oak flooring is available in a broad range of tones and is known to accept stain very well, expanding the color options even further. White oak planks tend to have a slight grey or bluish hue. White oak flooring also has smaller pores than it’s red counterpart. While both materials are considered “open grain” woods and quite porous, white oak has a less pronounced, straighter graining than red oak, reducing the variation among boards.

White oak is also known for its longer “rays,” the lighter toned waves that run across the grain. Planks that are quartersawn versus riftsawn can highlight this feature, and it’s a trademark of the popular Mission-style furniture.

Durability is one of the biggest benefits of oak flooring, and white oak is a 1360 on the Janka hardness scale of hardwood flooring materials compared to red oaks’ rating of 1290.


Oak is a domestic species that is readily available in the U.S. It’s a good choice for consumers that are interested in lowering their carbon footprint and using renewable resources. Imported French oak is another type of white oak. This is a luxury material from old-growth European oaks that is priced quite a bit higher than its American counterpart.


Oak is a relatively affordable option in hardwood flooring. White oak tends to be slightly more expensive than red, but will prove to be a sound investment overtime. This durable material can last well over 100 years in your home and is an American classic that will never go out of style.

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